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About us


The Luyenex brand was launched to provide American made products that are both environmentally sustainable and cost effective for consumers.

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Throughout the Last year Alatul Solutions has been working with state and federal authorities and manufacturers to find a reputable producer of Hand Sanitizer and disinfectant supplies. As our team carried out this task we kept running into the same issue of unreliable and inconsistent product – at times, Alatul Solutions chose to not proceed with orders due to fragile supply chains and unreliable products. So, we set out to solve this problem ourselves.

Our Luyenex (Pronounced LION-EX) brand of Hand Sanitizer, Surface cleaner and Vegetable/Fruit wash is fused with Hyper-Ionic Quotient (Hy-IQ) technology. This technology, already in use in Europe - uses a process called Lysis to kill Bacteria and Viruses by using physics not chemistry to rearrange the electrons within the proteins on the Cell Wall, effectively breaking down and killing the Virus or Bacteria. Independent lab tests have shown that hand sanitizer with Hy-IQ technology are 130x more effective than the top alcohol-based sanitizers. Luyenex products are water based, non-toxic and soft on skin.

Luyenex sanatizing products currently holds an EPA exemption. FDA approval is imminent and once this is approved, Luyenex Hand Sanitizer will be the only hand sanitizer on the market with an FDA approval.

Our Products


Let us help keep your family safe

Biodegradable + Disposable Face Masks


Our Face masks are made with AgriyarnTM bioplastic technology that harnesses
organic compounds to create a plastic-like
long polymer chains

Water-based Sanatizer and cleaners


Our Water-based cleaning solutions uses Hyper-Ionic Quotient Technology to kill germs.





Nitrile Gloves



Our Nitrile gloves, only availbale to DOD customers are made in the United States and offer a performance similar to other top brands. 

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